Collaboration with NADOs

Anti-Doping Norway believes there is significant mutual benefit in cooperating with other national anti-doping organisations to contribute to the further development of quality anti-doping programmes throughout the world. Bilateral agreements with other NADOs have helped develop and strengthen national anti-doping programmes in compliance with the Code. WADA has played an important role in some of these agreements, monitoring the progress and development of these collaboration projects. Throughout the years, Anti-Doping Norway has had (and with many, still has) fruitful collaborations with amongst others South-Africa, China, Kenya, Turkey, France and the USA.

In addition, Anti-Doping Norway has entered into reciprocal testing agreements with several NADOs with the aim of strengthening international testing efforts through the exchange of information and facilitating testing of athletes residing abroad.

Anti-Doping Norway has reciprocal testing agreements with NADOs in the following countries: USA, Canada, Poland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, South-Africa, Austria, Australia, China and New Zealand.

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