International Cooperation

"We shall improve the quality of the international anti-doping efforts."

Through the development of our own national anti-doping programme, we wish to be a central provider for international sport and for the activities dedicated in protecting clean athletes and society in general.

Norway participates actively on the international scene to promote clean sport and improve anti-doping work both at governmental and non-governmental level. We believe that collaboration across borders is a crucial aspect for strenghtening anti-doping programmes.

Anti-Doping Norway aims to be a driving force within this work, and has long experience collaborating with other countries through bi- and multilateral agreements.

International agreements will typically cover areas such as doping controls, intelligence and investigations, information & education activities, implementation of a quality system, how to build up and strengthen a national anti-doping organisation, sharing of information etc.

More information to be found on Council of Europes webpage.