Educating a new generation of Real Winners

A faster, smoother, more accessible and even more informative version of the e-learning program.

The e-learning program «Real Winner», first launched in 2008, has been a great national and international success, but was in desperate need of some updating, not the least given the revised world anti-doping code that came into force on 1st January 2015. The program is now better than ever – faster, smoother, more accessible and even more informative.

Manage yourself through seven short modules of just three to four minutes each, and you're all set for keeping clean and becoming a real winner. Anti-Doping Norway and Anti-Doping Denmark’s new and improved e-learning program is already being used by thousands of athletes.

"We are proud to announce that Real Winner now has become worthy of a modern anti-doping arena," says Linda Olsen, Adviser for Prevention and Education at Anti-Doping Norway.

"The program is designed to teach the basics and do's and dont’s of anti-doping awareness in just a matter of minutes. By completing the seven short modules anywhere, at any time, at any pace, and practically on any platform, it is easier than ever to stay informed, and knowing your rights and responsibilities."

Olsen praises the cooperation with Anti-Doping Denmark, and believes that Real Winner is now a program fit for a new generation with higher demands regarding accessibility and design.

"It was important for both our Danish colleagues and us to make learning about anti-doping more interesting and fun rather than tedious and time consuming. We have provided, maybe to youth in particular, with a toolbox that enables them to learn the most important basics in an easy and reliable way."

The new and improved program has been well received, both domestically and internationally.

"In a very short time, we have reached almost 2000 users in Norway only, and international organisations are already requesting and using the English version."

The program as a whole is based on the World Anti-Doping Code with the new set of rules made active January 1st 2015- This applies for everyone, says former international speed skater Olsen.