20 000 users have completed “Real Winner”

11 000 of these completed the e-learning program in 2017.

Anti-Doping Norway launched the new version of “Real Winner” in the summer of 2015. The program has been developed in collaboration with Anti-Doping Denmark and the Norwegian company Transform.

Last week the number of users that have completed all the program modules reached 20 000. Of these, 11 000 persons have completed the program in 2017.

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- These are pleasing numbers and definitely a result of the enormous attention the anti-doping work has attracted. It shows an increasing awareness of the importance of basic anti-doping knowledge among leaders and athletes, says Anti-Doping Norway's Director of Communications, Halvor H. Byfuglien.

The program is translated and used by several national anti-doping agencies and international federations. In total, 70 000 people have registered for "Real Winner" and 55 000 athletes and leaders have completed all seven modules.

“Real Winner” provides basic anti-doping knowledge, and offers information about the doping control process, the prohibited list, food supplements and several other topics through videoes, facts and assignments.

It takes approximetely 30 minutes to complete all seven modules.

Published: 30.11.17