Within organised sports

The Ministry of Culture provides annual funding for anti-doping purposes within organised sport. These funds have increased regularly over recent years.

Another source of financing may come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon application for specific bi- or multilateral projects with other countries.

In these cases, Anti-Doping Norway assists the establishment of an independent national anti-doping organisation operating in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

Outside organised sports

The Ministry of Health and Care Services provides financing to address the issue of doping in society at large.

Counties and municipalities across the country also contribute financially for the implementation of local anti-doping activities in collaboration with Anti-Doping Norway.
In addition, ADNO carries out test missions and holds lectures on a fee-for-service basis for national and international institutions, such as:

  • The Norwegian Equestrian Federation (for testing of horses)
  • Norwegian Federations not members of the NOC
  • Police/ University College
  • Prisons
  • International Federations
  • WADA
  • Others

Other important sources for financing are:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Food (horse testing program)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (specific bi- and multilateral projects with other countries)
  • Fitness Centers (fitness center program for employees and members. This is self-financed on a cost recovery basis)